What We Do


We have professional recruitor to help recruit new nail technition, and keep careful track of all technician database based on regional, state, or national needs.


We negotiate rates directly with technicians before placing them at a salon. This benefits you as often if you are in desperate need of a technician, you lose a lot of negotiating power. As we grow, our ability to better regulate to ensure equality between technicians and owners will improve and to comply with law and regulation.


We have master nail technicians and teachers in the cosmetology industry with many years of experience to train new and old staff alike in everything from business ethics, how to speak to customers, how to build clientele, how to greet customers, and, of course, how to service the customer the best way for each salon. This also can include advanced training like how to apply acrylic fast and correctly, how to apply polish, gel, and dip beautifully, and instruction at every skill level. Additionally, if you see a need in one of your technicians, you can send to “Tudobe” to retrain or require that they complete online training through us if they live far.


We have prepared and experienced compensation specialists that will handle time consuming tasks like hiring, firing, and doing payroll for you. Payroll cost is dependent on size of the salon, but saves you ample time and hassle.
1. For large salon, we can help hire and train competent administrative receptionists and managers. The manager will communicate with “Tudobe ” directly to hire and replace technicians or administrative staff.
2. For small salon, owners will work directly with “Tudobe” in hiring and replacing staff. This is beneficial specifically if owners are weary of firing people, “Tudobe” can step in without fear of hurting feelings and will communicate in place of the owner. New staff will be replaced within the days.

Benefit for joining with us

  • unlimited assistant in hiring and replacing technician
  • Do payroll for salon owner
  • Directly negotiate with technician
  • Kept track of technicians include high quality technicians database nationwide
  • Assist in technicians management and hiring management teams
  • Train old & new technician from service ethic, to how to build clientele, and to provide advance training on techinal skill

We offer a 3 month trail periods!! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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