About Us

about us

There is  no doubt that being a nail salon owner is a very difficult job in a hard business environment. We have to work six to seven days a week and frequently forego weekends with family. Think about it: when is the last time you spent a weekend with your child? Probably a long time ago, right? From working every holiday to missing summer when your children are actually out of school to going on vacation, your mind and priorities are forced to remain at the salon. We worry whether our technicians can take care of our customers without us being there and, at the worst, we wonder whether any customers will remain once we return.

Not only do we have to spend all of our time working, we also have to deal with the constant difficulties that managing nail technicians bring. We spent a fortune buying the nail salon and despite us earning the title of boss along with it, we feel like they are our boss more often than not. This can manifest itself in different ways including bad attitudes toward customers, talking behind others backs, and causing disrupting commotions at the salon. They get away with so much of it simply because of the reversed power dynamic. They can quit when they want to because it is so easy for them to find a new job and so hard for you fire them and find a new technician. Additionally, hiring technicians is a risk as we are not sure how good they will be at what they are doing, and often, by the time we know it, we have lost customers as a result. After that, it is only more difficult to talk to a technician about what they can improve because sometimes they get offended and walk out immediately.

We understand the hardship that salon owner face, and we are a company with over 20 years experience in the nail industry, and are committed to change the dinamic and to gave salon owner their power back.